An Intro of Sorts

“Even covered in fur, Frostwall is the WORST!” – Shen Wei Pureblossm

Hoo boy. Back on the blogging train again. Anyway, I’m commonly known as Shen among my friends in World of Warcraft. Short for Shenwei, who is my main shaman over on the North American server, Wyrmrest Accord. I’ve been playing restoration shaman since Cataclysm, when my raid team desperately needed a shaman healer over a hunter dps. I won’t complain too much about the abrupt class change. It led to me discovering a class and spec I’m passionate about.

In this blog, I’ll be discussing shaman things with a focus on the restoration spec. I’ll also divert off every now and then to talk about the dps specs every now and then, or maybe even other healing classes (as of Warlords of Draenor, I’ve got one of every sort of healer at 95+). Note that this will be written from the perspective of a retired raider who has gone on to play more casually. That means no mathematical theorycrafting. No “YOU MUST TAKE TALENT X OVER TALENTS Y AND Z TO RAID”. This is made to be a beginner and casual-friendly take on healing. Will I raid again? If time permits and I find a guild with a schedule I can work with, perhaps. If I can’t it will be strictly LFR for me, and that’s fine. There are only so many hours in a day, and you can only do the content that you have the time for. Going at a pace that makes you comfortable is what matters, and this is a game. It’s made to be fun.

Where would I be without a huge list of thank-yous to people. The ones who got me into healing in the first place, the ones who keep me passionate about the spec, and the ones I teach to become resto shammies themselves. I don’t know if these people are still playing, but Artothis-Uldaman was my old raid leader and guildmate, and the one who pushed me to start healing in the first place. My ex, who provided me with a scroll of resurrection on an account I made just for the Refer-A-Friend mount, granting me a level 80 shaman so the guild wouldn’t be held up by my altoholic butt trying to get my level 48 shammy to 85 and geared up for raiding. Mercy, another guildie from my Uldaman days who helped me iron out the kinks when I was getting started. Averry, Ruekie, and the rest of the crowd from the meta raids, for getting me back into the raiding scene and generally being awesome people to hang out with (and a huge thanks to Ruekie for letting me teach her!). Sylraei from Wyrmrest Accord for being an awesome person and inspiring me to start up again by putting together a restoration shaman guide for beginners. The whole thought process became this blog. And huge thanks to all my friends in the world of Azeroth, my family, my boyfriend (who supports my utterly nerdy hobby), and all of you who stumble across this blog.


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